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Subtle? No

Do you watch those cheesy made-for-TV holiday films on Hallmark Channel and Lifetime?

I do. I’m a sucker for all that sap.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t notice the product placement that they sneak into each movie…mainly because it tends to be the same products used in the same way in every film.

FolgersFor example, at some point in every story, the lead characters gather around the kitchen table with steaming mugs of Folgers Coffee in hand.

And yes, the logo is prominently displayed on the canister of coffee. Sometimes we even see them prepare the coffeemaker — primo screen time.

walmartbagThe other advertiser who gets lots of TV movie love this time of year is Walmart. Characters return from shopping trips with their logo bags in hand, which are usually placed front and center on a table or cabinet.

It’s so obvious but so subliminal at the same time.

But I see what you’re doing, guys…even through all that feel-good, sticky holiday sap.

Spray say

With all the talk of late about pepper spray — meme, ecards, Bella toting it in Twilight (yes, I watched it again on FX) — I found myself wondering:

Is there a difference between pepper spray and mace?

Yes. Yes, there is.

Turns out they are two very different self defense products.

Mace is the brand name for an irritant similar to tear gas and usually has no effect on criminals under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Pepper spray is an inflammatory agent that will immediately take down and cause temporary pain to an assailant. It inflames the capillaries of the eyes and skin causing temporary blindness, nausea, breathing difficulties and an intense burning sensation.


Makes you wonder why pepper spray was the self defense product ‘of choice’ at places like Walmart and Occupy Wall Street.  Wouldn’t a simple irritant have been good enough?

(And wouldn’t nothing have been the best choice?)

Plus, this seems less funny now.  And way more painful.

Roll over

Do you care about your children’s future?  Then wrap your mind around this one:

The toilet paper tube is becoming extinct.


It’s true.  The toilet paper roll in your bathroom is probably intact…but it’s only a matter of time.

Kimberly-Clark launched the first tube-free toilet paper rolls in their Scott Naturals brand at Walmart and Sam’s Club stores throughout the Northeast in the fourth quarter of 2010. They’re planning tube-free paper towels, too.  And SCA, Georgia Pacific, and Procter & Gamble — which manufactures top-selling Charmin toilet paper — are expected to jump on board the tube-free train very soon.

Let’s face it — eliminating that little brown tube is way better for the environment.  Can you believe it accounts for over 160 million pounds of waste in the U.S. alone?


But I can’t help but be nostalgic — in advance — for all the silly little toilet paper tube craft projects that kids won’t be able to attempt once that cardboard cylinder is no more.

No more critters with that distinctive shape. No more Christmas candles, wreaths or candy canes. No more log cabins, binoculars, firecrackers, spaceships, or yarn jars.  (Yarn jars?)  No more handcrafted masterpieces inspired by that simple circle of cardboard that currently comes free with every toilet paper roll.

Going green certainly has its price.  Oh well, maybe the iPhone will come up with an app to replace it.