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Triple threat

I hesitate to talk “Twilight” in this space…and never two days in a row.

But the premiere of “Eclipse” early this morning — which I attended with 7 million of my closest friends — seems like a worthy exception.

The large number of Twihards at the midnight screening isn’t that surprising.  The reviews are.

Even major papers — like The New York Times and Washington Post — had good things to say about the third installment of the “Twilight” saga.

“A more robustly entertaining film than either of its predecessors…”

“Darker, grittier, and a tad more thought-provoking…”

“If the movies keep improving like this, the people who automatically hate them just because they’re popular with teenage girls will be forced to reconsider.”

Wow.  I don’t think I could have found one sincere compliment about the other films…and these are a just a handful for “Eclipse.”

As for myself, I found the film very different as well.  I’ve always called the “Twilight” movies romances, but “Eclipse” is definitely an action/romance.  The fight sequences are incredible, yet the more emotional moments are handled with just as much care.  Jacob seems more animalistic, Edward more human, Bella more frustrating.

Pretty much by the book.

A good scare

I don’t buy that many movies on DVD.

I’m at the theater most weekends, subscribe to three premium channels and DVR pretty much everything else.

But I did buy a VHS (remember those?) way back in 2003 after seeing a movie called “The Mothman Prophecies.”  Richard Gere plays a Washington Post reporter whose wife dies after seeing visions of a bizarre winged creature.  Doctors say it was a brain tumor that caused the hallucination, but Gere unexpectedly finds himself in Point Pleasant, West Virginia, where this “mothman” has been making a series of bizarre appearances.

The movie was supposedly based on a true incident in the city of Point Pleasant, and was creepy, creepy good…so good that I bought it.  I still have it, too.

And just today I discovered that the Mothman Prophecies live on far beyond my VHS tape.  The city of Point Pleasant has erected a 12-foot statue of the creature on Main Street, and began a Miss Mothman Pageant in 2008 to headline their already popular Mothman Festival.

If you decide to watch the movie, you may find it odd that the city is trying to profit off of what was an alarming tragedy.  But with time comes perspective.

I guess Point Pleasant sees the “mothman” as their Titanic.