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Did you know Christian Mingle, the dating website for believers, has produced a made-for-TV movie?

Believe it.


It’s playing on UP Network as I write this.

And I cannot look away.

Talk about product placement (which I have been of late) — this one takes the cake.


Sunday night special

I just ordered this t-shirt at LookHuman.com

patronus t-shirt

This website totally gets me.

Food percussion

Since BuzzFeed had so much fun today combining foods into truly creative takes on your morning toast, I didn’t think they’d mind if I added yet another ingredient:

Mr. Toast himself, Heywood Banks!


If you’re not familiar with Heywood, check out this classic Egg. Then visit his website and sing for your daily bread.


Do you see what I see?

I follow a lot of entertainment magazines on Twitter…probably too many.  And if I’m willing to admit that,  they should meet me half way and admit they use the following headline way, way, way too much:

“____________ is barely recognizable [in new hair cut] [in hat] [after losing weight]

Either that, or their reporters, writers and editors are BLIND AS BATS.

Exhibit A:  US Weekly found Pam Anderson ‘barely recognizable’ after she cut her trademark long locks into a short pixie.

Pam AndersonReally?

Even with her shades on, I think it looks exactly like Pam Anderson…just with shorter hair.

Perhaps I am just more observant.  And adaptable. And brilliant.

I am willing to own that.

Exhibit B:  Another publication struggled to identify Anne Hathaway when she donned a beige sock top while out on a smoothie run.

anne hathawayI don’t know — maybe I do have amazing powers of deduction.

‘Cause I think it’s pretty obvious.

Maybe I have missed my true calling and should be an annoying member of the paparazzi. Or perhaps I should just blame the copy editor for using hyperbole — instead  of creativity — to drive folks to their websites.

Although I do like the idea that I have super powers.

Picture this

I was sitting at my desk today and wondered —

Does the rebus still exist?

I loved solving this picture puzzle as a kid, so I Googled it…and was relieved to discover that rebuses are alive and well and all over the Internet.  In kids games.  In artwork.  Even in one advice column where the answers are provided in rebus format.


But my favorite rebus discovery was Narragansett Beer — they’re using the rebus as part of their advertising campaign. In fact, they have an entire page on their website devoted to rebuses.

Here are a couple of my favs. See if you can solve them.

NBeerRebusThe answers — and 62 more rebuses — are on their site.


Cute as a button

When I worked at Hallmark Cards, I had the good fortune to work with a lot of very talented writers and artists.

Maura Cluthe was one of ’em.

She has her own website now — with a shop where you can buy posters, prints, books, buttons and stickers featuring her distinctive artwork.

My favorite?
happy blue button

Her new happy blue button.

Look at that face — gotta love those big, angelic-yet-mischievous eyes.

I wonder if she gives volume discounts? 🙂

If the sock fits

Today’s post is a love story —

An ode to socks.

chenille socksChenille socks, to be specific…from Old Navy.

On a cold, snowy day like today, they are very much top of mind…and on the bottom of my feet.

I first discovered these gems during one of Old Navy’s ubiquitous sales.  I got an email, clicked through to the website and decided to give them a try.

You can never have too many black socks, right?

But these were my first chenille socks, and I was an immediate convert.  They are quite simply the softest, warmest, most durable socks I have ever owned.  And at only $3 a pair…well, let’s just say I’ve bought a truckload.

To be clear — Old Navy has not reimbursed me for this most earnest of endoresements.  I am just a huge fan.

(But if they wanted to send me more, I’d wear ’em.)