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Wink wink nudge nudge

Congratulations to Jennifer B., who correctly identified yesterday’s featured image:


Way to go, Jennifer!

I have never played the game myself; I’ve only seen it featured in ‘classic game collections’ in stores and catalogs.

I thought it was dead.

But then I came across this photo in an article about the English and American Tiddlywinks Associations…for adults.

They hold annual tournaments.  They have websites.  They publish e-newsletters.

Game on.




Winning apps

The Internet never fails to entertain me, especially the things some website editors will do to ‘make our lives easier.’

My latest favorite?  Slashfood.com tested all thirteen appetizers on the menu at Applebee’s to see which ones were the best bet on your next visit.

Talk about taking one for the team.

And their findings?

Applebee’s does Chicken Wings right.  Their “Classic Wings” were declared the winner by the Slashfood editors, who found them to be ‘meaty and well sauced, in both the Classic Buffalo and Hot Buffalo flavors.’  Applebee’s “Boneless Wings” were the runner-up.

The one app that you should probably avoid?  Applebee’s “Chili Cheese Nachos,” which SlashFood described as a ‘bland-o-rama.’


My favorite appetizer at Applebee’s?  The free one.  That’s right.  Pretty much every time I have visited this fine establishment, something has gone awry, and a free app was mine.

Food late?  Free app.  Order entered wrong?  Free app.  Order delivered wrong?  Free app.  It’s Applebee’s favorite form of apology.

Now, that’s tasty.

Did you hear…

Last night I had dinner with a friend at the Pier 1 Cafe, an outdoor eatery on the Hudson River at 70th Street in Manhattan.  The weather was perfect, so it was a great evening to sit outside with the dogs and enjoy the view of the Jersey skyline.

On the walk back uptown, we were laughing at the snippets of conversation we overheard from passersby — everything from one man’s recitation of his daily pill intake to a teenager’s repeated, “So, what are we gonna do now, huh?  Huh?” to his rather bored looking girlfriend.

(We weren’t eavesdropping; they were just talking really loud.)

That’s when my friend told me about a website called OverheardinNewYork.com — a compilation of conversation overheard in New York City and beyond that is posted online for everyone to enjoy.

These hilarious gems are submitted by everyday folks; the website editors put them into categories — heard in the office, the beach, New York City, celebrity wit, and everywhere (as in everywhere else) — and then give them snarky headlines.  They let site visitors get in on the fun, too, with regular contests where you can submit your headline ideas.  Winners receive copies of the book Overheard in New York.  (Yes, there’s a book, too.)

Here are a few you might enjoy:

Mom to daughter, wandering off: No, come back here, I don’t want to lose you in the store. I already lost one of my kids that way, and that’s enough.

Wife: You’re so grim!
Husband: You made me grim.
Wife: Did I make you grim?
Husband: I’m not grim.

Girl: I’m so glad I don’t work nine to five.
Friend: So, when do you work?
Girl: Eight to four thirty.

Silly, right?  But if nothing else, regular visits to the website will make you feel smarter.


Night walk

It was kinda dark and drizzly this morning in New York City, so I found it hard to wake up…which maybe why this article on sleepwalking on my favorite website for the weird, lemondrop.com, was especially entertaining.

That, and the fact that I have a bit of a history myself.

My favorite sleepwalking episode is a story my brother tells.  He came home late one night to find me standing in my pajamas in the doorway of my bedroom, which was across the hall from his own.  I was swinging my hand like I had something in…although it was empty.  He asked me what I was doing; I said I was waiting for the bus.

The best part?  He said, “Cool,” and went on to bed.  (He claims he checked a bit later, and I was in bed…or on my way to Cleveland.)

My sister also says that she woke up one night  — we shared a room with twin beds — and I was staring at her and ‘growling’ in my sleep.  When she spoke to me, I didn’t acknowledge her — just growled, but eventually laid down.  She was pretty sure I was going to kill her.

I had a lot of nightmares as a child that I do remember, so I’ve never questioned the sleepwalking.  I’m sure it happened.

Does it continue today?  You’ll have to ask my dog.

(He hasn’t mentioned it to me.)

How ’bout you?  Any fun sleepwalking stories to share?

Fab vocab

I learned a new word today, one that I can repeat in mixed company:


According to my favorite website lemondrop.com, a shamecrush is the “secret type of guy you lust after” that ventures into the “shameful desire” category.  They list as examples serial killers, paparazzi and — get ready — Republicans.


Now, I consider myself a bit of an expert on crushes.  I mean, I have had so many through the years.  But I’m not sure any of them would qualify as a shamecrush.

In junior high, I crushed on pop stars and high school basketball players.  In high school, my taste turned to the funny guys — both at my school and on TV.  Even after I became a serial monogamist, I usually had a crush on the back burner if only for the entertainment value.

But there was never a sickie or pervert in that role….and god forbid a conservative.

I guess the darkest I’ve gone is a vampire.  And there’s no shame in that.

How ’bout you?