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The latest model

Did you see the pics from Robert Kennedy, Jr’s wedding in Cape Cod on Saturday?

kenney wedding







He married actress Cheryl Hines of Suburgatory, Curb Your Enthusiasm and Waitress.

I have a somewhat personal interest in these nuptials since I met Robert and his former wife Mary on a flight to Aspen several years ago.  They were both very nice.  I didn’t realize then that Mary was this second wife.

That makes Cheryl number three.

Well, Robert lives here in New York, so I fully expect to vet Cheryl one day very soon!



The very best

What do you see here?


Two flowers? Some greenery? A railing and steps?

You obviously haven’t worked at Hallmark.

When I see flowers in pairs, I think “that image would work well for love, engagement,  wedding, parents…or even mother and child” (if one bloom is noticeably smaller than the other or is a bud).

The same goes for groups of flowers. Or leaves. Or tree branches.

Even though I left Hallmark over 12 years ago, I still look at scenes in nature and put a card caption on ’em.

I think I may need a get well card.

Seeing white

Much was made of the movie Bridesmaids last year.  Finally a film led by a cast of women that was both funny and financially successful.

Now, here comes Bachelorette.

It also has a strong female cast.  And the story centers on a wedding, specifically on a bachelorette party that — for a variety of reasons — really doesn’t happen.  And it’s funny….very funny.

But this movie gets a lot of its funny from its complete role reversal.  The women are strong, coarse ball-busters.  The men in their lives are warm, emotional and supportive.

Not your typical rom-com.

It makes me wonder if this movie was originally written for male leads and then re-cast after Bridesmaids was such a huge hit.

A copycat idea?  I know it’s hard to imagine coming from Hollywood, but yeah…

I think I’ve seen that white dress before.

Comfort food

Friday night my family hosted my nephew’s rehearsal dinner.

The main course?  Turkey and pork barbecue.

Only much later did we realize that we’d let National Fried Chicken Day pass us by with nary a breast, thigh or drumstick in sight.

(Of chicken, folks — keep it clean.)

Now that our nephew is wed and already enjoying his honeymoon in Cozumel, we decided today to set things right…and gathered the family together for an honest-to-goodness Southern fried chicken dinner.

Plus all the fixin’s.

My favorite meal with my favorite people — what a perfect way to end the holiday weekend.

Cool breeze


Objects in this post are larger than they appear.

Take this fan, for instance.

It is a small lawn ornament in my brother Michael’s backyard.  It barely reaches knee-high and generates little more than a gentle breeze.

Today it was 103 degrees. My nephew’s rehearsal dinner was held outside tonight.  We could have used a big, yellow fan as big as that one looks.

Luckily, a cloud or two passed by and provided some much needed shade.

They were just the right size.

Stack this

Are you a ‘sweet’ or a ‘salty?’

I’m a salty. I can easily give cakes and cookies a pass, but I find the siren song of salty snacks hard to ignore.

This post, though, is for you sweets out there…because I think this cookie is sharp.

Now, you all know Oreos. (Heck, I’ve even eaten a few hundred in my time.) The newest version is the Oreo Triple Double.

It’s a regular Oreo with an added layer of cream (this one chocolate-flavored) and a third chocolate wafer.

I’m sure it’s chocolate-y enough to kill us all, but more importantly…

Isn’t it pretty?

I personally think they went with the chocolate-flavored creme on the bottom because the color palette looks sophisticated. Imagine that — they have managed to make a mass market cookie look kinda high end.

And while I was looking for pictures of this Oreo, I found another new creation…












The Oreo Wedding Cake

It’s really just a big stack of Oreo’s arranged to look like a cake, but people are serving it at their weddings. While you should probably involve a professional on your big day, I think you could pull this off for fun (and enjoy eating any cookies that crumble in the process).

How about an Oreo Triple Double Cake at your wedding?

Tres chic!