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Who are you wearing?

I’ve watched pretty much every season of Project Runway — including the current season of Project Runway All Stars — and there is one area of fashion that the show rarely addresses:

The designers’ personal clothing.

project runway all stars






The designers famously arrive at their digs in New York (or Los Angeles) pulling a single wheelie bag.  Then they proceed to drape themselves in all manner of crazy outfit week after week.

Me thinks they are getting some help from the costume department…and the highly advertised QVC accessory wall.

That’s a conversation I’d like to see addressed during the post-season round-up, between play-by-play of all the infighting, of course.

très français


I’ve only spent one day in Paris.

That was during an unscheduled layover at Charles de Gaulle Airport.  I suddenly found myself with eight hours to kill…and I wasn’t going to spend them in the terminal.

So I took the airport bus to the Arc de Triomphe, and spent the day walking around the city.  No plans.  No map.  No French.

And I was dragging my wheelie bag behind me the entire time because they wouldn’t let me leave it in an airport locker for such a short time.


The weather was lovely.  The people very helpful and nice — that’s right, they were nice (at least to my face).  And the city was incredibly beautiful.  When I rode the bus back to the airport later that evening, I had two thoughts.

  1. I am definitely coming back to Paris for a longer stay.
  2. The Eiffel Tower is short.

I bet they threw those fireworks up there by hand.

Hands down

When you think ‘New York City,’ you think expensive.  But there is one thing you can buy in my adopted hometown cheaper than anywhere else I’ve traveled…

…and that’s a manicure.

It’s true.  The nail salons in Manhattan, with their mani/pedi specials, have ruined me for any other city.  Not that I get them that often.  But when I get a hankering to treat myself special, the salons in my ‘hood deliver the goods at a very reasonable price.

Just yesterday I had a layover in the San Francisco airport before my red-eye to JFK.  It was the perfect time to try XpresSpa, a chain of quick manicure/pedicure/massage salons that have popped up at airports all over the country.

I wheelied myself over to the storefront in my terminal and was gratified to see a $10 off special for the mani/pedi combo – perfect!  But then I got a look at the price — $90 for the set!

Say wha??

At my Upper West Side salon, you can get the combo for $25.  Even with the XpresSpa coupon, we’re still talking $80 before tip.  Yowza.

My fingers and toes can wait to be pampered until I get home to NYC.

Where things are CHEAP.