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Do I look older?

Director Alexander Payne and I have never seen eye to eye.

Since his movie Election (which I did like), the rest of his filmsSideways, Cedar Rapids, The Descendants — just don’t speak to me.

I doubt he’s losing sleep over it.

NEBRASKAThat didn’t stop me from getting excited to see his latest awards magnet Nebraska, starring Bruce Dern and Saturday Night Live alum Will Forte.

It seemed to have it all.

The two leading men, of course.  The black-and-white look, which seemed perfect for this road trip film.  Great trailers, too.

Tragically, Alex has led me astray yet again.

In the film, the car trip takes three or four days.  I would swear the movie — advertised as 1 hour 54 minutes — is actually that long.  It is slow…so very slow.

The driving sequences are slow.  The conversations are slow.  There’s a couple of fights scenes, and their fists look like they are in slow motion even though they’re not.

I really enjoyed three scenes in the movie. And the performances are wonderful — especially June Squibb, who plays Bruce Dern’s kick of a wife.   But there are long stretches of your life…

..that you will never get back.

Next “SNL” Star

Dear Lorne Michaels:

It’s been over a decade since we never met in your office at “Saturday Night Live.”  I conferred instead with your creative director on the greeting card line Hallmark was developing to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the show.

However, I did sit in your chair, so I think we made a connection.

That’s why, lo these many years later, I feel I can talk casting with you…now that Will Forte has announced he’s leaving the show after eight seasons.

Hire Tim Mason.

You know Tim.  He’s  a comedian on the main stage at Second City in Chicago.  I recently saw him perform in the new show “Spoiler Alert: Everybody Dies,” and was blown away by his command of the stage and range of characters.  He was funny, funny, smart.

Plus, I know SNL has to cast by type — just like any other show — and I think Tim is a ringer to fill Will’s slot.  I mean, seriously — take a look.

Perfect, right?

Full disclosure: I know Tim from his early improv days in Kansas City. You know Kansas City — the town that produced Jason Sudeikis, Paul Rudd and Rob Riggle.

That’s a pretty impressive pedigree.

Return to the well, Lorne.  You won’t regret it.