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Let it snow

I could watch this all night…

And to think — it’s selling electronics in my neighborhood.

Cold blooded

Once again, I’ve managed to visit Miami without making it to the beach.

Yep.  My shuttle is driving me back to the airport, and I never stepped foot outside the hotel.

Wait…I did take a couple of photos off of my balcony this morning — does that count?

This is not the first time this has happened.  Work takes me to a warm, sunny clime…and I don’t even make it outside to enjoy it.

I’m an embarrassment to business travel.

I could blame my schedule, I suppose.  Or my skin, which is very fair and shouldn’t be exposed to the sun much anyhoo.

But the truth is…beaches just don’t appeal to me up close and personal.  They are beautiful to look at in photos, and lovely to dream about from afar.  But once I’m at the beach, I really don’t want to spend that much time on it.  Looking at it out the window will suffice.

So off I go, back to the cold wintery streets of Manhattan.

I can hardly wait!