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No plan here

Does your work week calendar look a bit like this?

Mine too.

How about your weekend?

I’m as guilty as the next person of jamming my work calendar with as much as I think I can reasonably — and sometimes not so reasonably — handle.

(I’m freelance.  The busier I am, the more I make.)

But when it comes to my weekends — or whatever days end up being free that week — I am hesitant to schedule too much.  I crave the lack of responsibility. The chance for solitude.

No deadlines or time schedules.

Spur-of-the-moment activities are always welcome.  But elaborate weekend plans?

That’s too much like work.

An extra day

I was excited this morning to have an extra day.

To go to the movies. To do a little shopping. To relax in Central Park with my dog.  To just ‘be’ before the demands of the work week begin yet again.

Then I remembered why I have this day. Why I am free to spend it as I choose. And who defends my right to make that choice today…and every day.

On Memorial Day, I am remembering those who have served — and who still serve — to keep us free.

Thank you.

Morning show

Yesterday a friend’s status on Facebook read, “Monday is a lame way to spend one-seventh of your life.”  I’m sure we all agree.

It’s the beginning of the work week for most.  Alarms going off again.  Rats racing.  Blood pressures rising.

Ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

But what makes Monday mornings particularly difficult for me is…there’s no late-night TV on the DVR to watch with my breakfast.

I know most of the world starts their day with “Today” or “Good Morning America” — I used to as well.  But for the past year, “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” and “The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson” on DVR are my morning shows of choice.

And I have to say — that’s the kind of programming you need to face the work day.  Creative.  Silly.  Irreverent.  Outrageous.  Laugh-out-loud funny.  Craig’s robot skeleton army.  Jimmy’s Twitter hash tags and award-worthy TV show spoofs.

Not another boring interview on the effect of airborne viruses on skim milk.  (I mean, come on.)

I’ve had a friend accuse me of being a bit obsessive about late-night television.  Now, unless I’m wrong and…please correct me if I am, ‘obsession’ is practically a psychiatric term…concerning people who don’t have anything else but the object of their obsession — who can’t stop and do anything else. Well, here I am stopping to tell you this. Okay? So would you please try and be a little more precise instead of calling a person something like ‘obsessive?’ *

So, don’t take my word for it.  Give it a whirl; see what you think.  Set your DVR.  Go to bed and get some sleep.  Then have your Cheerios with Craig and Jimmy.

It will make Monday — and every work day — go down a bit easier.

Note: In a sad twist of fate, both “Late Night” and “The Late Late Show” are in reruns this week.  I feel the clouds a’gatherin’…

* “Broadcast News,” 1987