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Working relationships

“Work husband.”

I used that phrase in a text message to my friend Suzanne earlier today, and she laughed.

Have you ever had a work husband or wife?

You know, a co-worker who you spend more time with than your actual significant other… who can finish your sentences for you… who laughs at your jokes and really ‘gets you’ and your ideas?

Don’t get me wrong — this is not a romantic situation; you’re both perfectly happy in your relationships outside of work, but at work — this person is a spouse (of sorts).

I had such a work husband at one of my first jobs.  We worked long hours and spent way more time together than either of us probably wanted to.  But he was — and remains — a great friend that I truly respect.

When I was offered an exciting new position in another city, telling him I was leaving was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.  Breaking up that partnership — “divorcing” my work husband when I was happy in the work marriage — was tough.

But, we were adults about it.  We both went on to new jobs and new ways of working.  I’ve had a couple of other work husbands after him, in fact.

But…you never forget your first.