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Aging ungracefully

I can’t decide if Modern Family was showing its age last night or its writers were.


Did you happen to watch?

All the jokes were either racist or homophobic… but after each zinger, one of the characters would say, “That’s racist”… so does that make it okay?

Ironically enough, in one storyline, Jay and Gloria were both feeling their age as the oldest parents in baby Joe’s daycare class.

Sadly, the whole show felt past its freshness date.


This is my friend Wendy Molyneux and her sister Lizzie.

molyneux sistersThey are writers for Bob’s Burgers on FOX, and last night, they very deservedly won their very first Emmy Award!

Congratulations ladies!!

Build a special shelf at your respective homes ’cause I am very sure…

This is just the first of many!


Do you see what I see?

I follow a lot of entertainment magazines on Twitter…probably too many.  And if I’m willing to admit that,  they should meet me half way and admit they use the following headline way, way, way too much:

“____________ is barely recognizable [in new hair cut] [in hat] [after losing weight]

Either that, or their reporters, writers and editors are BLIND AS BATS.

Exhibit A:  US Weekly found Pam Anderson ‘barely recognizable’ after she cut her trademark long locks into a short pixie.

Pam AndersonReally?

Even with her shades on, I think it looks exactly like Pam Anderson…just with shorter hair.

Perhaps I am just more observant.  And adaptable. And brilliant.

I am willing to own that.

Exhibit B:  Another publication struggled to identify Anne Hathaway when she donned a beige sock top while out on a smoothie run.

anne hathawayI don’t know — maybe I do have amazing powers of deduction.

‘Cause I think it’s pretty obvious.

Maybe I have missed my true calling and should be an annoying member of the paparazzi. Or perhaps I should just blame the copy editor for using hyperbole — instead  of creativity — to drive folks to their websites.

Although I do like the idea that I have super powers.

Cute as a button

When I worked at Hallmark Cards, I had the good fortune to work with a lot of very talented writers and artists.

Maura Cluthe was one of ’em.

She has her own website now — with a shop where you can buy posters, prints, books, buttons and stickers featuring her distinctive artwork.

My favorite?
happy blue button

Her new happy blue button.

Look at that face — gotta love those big, angelic-yet-mischievous eyes.

I wonder if she gives volume discounts? 🙂

Characters accepted here

I’ve lived in New York City for almost five years now, and people still ask me if I like it.

I do.  But, surprisingly, not for the reasons I thought I would.

Yes, I like going to Broadway shows whenever I want.  I like being able to dabble in TV and film work (translation: audition a lot, get cast very little, do extra work a bit).  I like having access to lectures and writers and museums and all the culture that New York City provides.

But what I love most of all about this city?

The characters you find here…and the city’s total acceptance of them.

Case in point:  Yesterday I was on the 1 train coming back uptown from a meeting.    A guy got on, turned on his iPod — playing the Star Wars theme for some reason — and announced “The king is here!”  Then he started showing large photos to the car; in each one, he was posed with a different celebrity.

He wasn’t trying to sell anything.  He just wanted to show people his pics.  And he kept saying “The king is here” in a very proud way.

The people in the car?  They just ignored him or smiled.  One women talked to him and was quickly dubbed “The queen of the car!”

When he left a few stops later — saying “The king is leaving!” — folks just went about their day.  There wasn’t any drama.  No one was clasping their child in terror or calling a cop.   He was just another character in the city that accepts them as their own.

Yep.  I like it here.

Click click click

When you write a daily blog, you find inspiration in all kinds of places.  Some days the ideas seem to be everywhere.

Other times…not so much.

That’s when you find yourself scouring the Internet, going from website to website, looking for any germ of an idea to get started.  A headline or even a word may be all it takes.  There are even online generators geared to writers that spit out random words or phrases, which can be really helpful at times.

But today I discovered a random image generator that is so cool, I just had to share it.  It’s called “Things on a White Board.” All you do is open the link and click the image.  New images will continue to appear as long as you keep on clickin.’

Frogs, dogs, ghosts, traffic signs.  They hadn’t started repeating when I stopped clicking…but deep down, I kinda wondered if they would.

What will be the last image you see?

Now, you might wonder, “What’s the point?”  I guess some people might find inspiration for new ideas in the images they see.  Or they might just be curious, like me, to see if the loop is as endless as it appears.   Or maybe it’s just a good way to blow five or ten minutes.  Give your brain a break.  Look at some pretty pictures.

Be careful, though.  Like all good things, it’s kinda addictive.