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Uggs – ugh

Maybe it’s the nine inches of snow on the ground.  Maybe it’s the fact that my dog’s post-surgery leg kinda resembles a little bootie.  Or maybe it’s the darn online shopping articles that I’ve encountered this week.

But I feel compelled to speak out against a product today.

That product?  Uggs.

That’s right.  The celebrity favorite.  Worn in every kind of weather, on every coast.  A brand that has almost lost its trademark because people throw the name around with the same regularity of ‘Kleenex’ and ‘Xerox.’

But I have to go on record here.  In the beginning , I craved Uggs.  Had to have Uggs.  Asked for Uggs for Christmas and was lucky enough to receive Uggs.

I wore my Uggs for less than one winter season, and my classic, beautiful, expensive Uggs developed a hole — not in the bottom where you might expect it — but in the top of the toe.  That one-of-a-kind, special Australian leather crapped out in just a few months.

Damn Uggs.

I replaced them with a pair of L. L. Bean knock-offs.  That pair was less than half the price and lasted for years.  In fact, I only replaced it this year because I wanted more colors.

This year, I got two pairs.  These knock-off Uggs are made by Lamo — that’s right — Lamo.  The name is ridiculous, but they are comfortable and durable and come in all kinds of colors…and cost me $30.

So, if you think you NEED a pair of Uggs for Christmas this year, remember my cautionary tale.  The brand name is simply that — a name.  The companies that have followed have not just copied the design.

They’ve made it better.