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Color commentary

Did you know beeswax yellow was the “Color of the Week?”

Neither did I!

And here is it Sunday.  Who knows what grievous fashion faux pas I may have committed due to my ignorance of this exciting new color trend.

Thank you, Stylelist.com, for letting me know in the nick of time.

Thank you for sharing this specific shade of yellow in a variety of clothing, accessories and packaging formats…so I can be sure to use the right yellow (and not commit yet another possible fashion don’t).

In case you are curious, here’s what a real chunk of yellow beeswax looks like.

Way to go nature!

Now I can see why designers have been inspired to recreate this color, which is — according to Stylelist.com — taking over spring runways.

Did you write that down?  Did you note the particular shade?  We almost missed it, people!

Beeswax yellow is the “Color of the Week!!!!”