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It’s been almost 20 years since Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks put Manhattan’s Upper West Side on the map in the rom-com classic You’ve Got Mail.

Visit my neighborhood today and all the movie’s sights are still here — the local restaurants where they rendezvoused, the farmer’s market, Riverside Park. Everything but her little Shop Around the Corner.

Well, that’s changing.

book-culture3Book Culture is opening their doors literally around the corner from my brownstone apartment and taking up the ‘small bookshop mantle’ that Meg’s character abandoned lo’ those many years ago.

Their window says it best:

youvegotmailNow, the modern version of the movie’s ‘big bad Fox Books’ exists today — Barnes & Noble is just a couple of blocks away.  So it will be interesting to see how this small store will compete on selection and pricing.

But I for one am excited to see life imitate art just feet from my doorsteps.

Wonder if the proprietor will be as photogenic?

Off the wall

Rory and I walked to Riverside Park yesterday for a change of pace.  (Always makes me feel like I’m in a scene from ‘You’ve Got Mail’ —  “Don’t you think daisies are the friendliest flower?”)

Anyhoo…along the way we happened upon several brownstones whose owners don’t practice window treatments.  While I personally keep my mini-blinds tightly shut 24/7 — I was a vampire long before Edward stole my heart — I applaud other folks’ decision to lay bare their windows so I that can peek inside at their decor.

And here’s what I repeatedly saw:  walls covered floor to ceiling with pictures.  We’re talking portraits, landscapes and prints literally lining the walls, with a scant two-inch separation.

Is this typical?  I came home and looked at my apartment, each wall featuring a lone picture at its center.  I’ve always found this look to be clean and uncluttered.  Plus, I think it highlights the artwork — the singularity gives the print focus and importance.

Seeing all those pictures one after the other made me a tad nervous.  The layout is visually overwhelming…akin to a very messy desktop.

It’s probably just a matter of personal taste or how you were raised.  But deep down, I think how you display your art is a tiny peek inside how your brain works.

And really — do you wanna leave that on display to nosy neighbors like me?